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Wedding's Greatest Misadventures

DEADLINE: Sept. 15th, 2008
We are seeking stories, articles and essays on the general subject of wedding day misadventure for publication in Wedding's Greatest Misadventures. We are looking for nonfiction, first-person stories about wedding meltdowns, bad judgment calls, Ex-boy/girlfriend crashing the event, cheating during the ceremony, fights, pranks, comical/ironic episodes, disaster, animal attacks, bizarre injuries, regretful toasts, temper flare-ups, crazy inlaws, natural disaster, misfortune, loss of wit, or day of episodes that surround the marriage experience. We’re looking for stories that have five important attributes--we want stories that: 1) tell a good tale, 2) reflect the brides/grooms culture (your family, religion or national culture and customs) as it relates to the wedding 3) develop the depth of the characters involved, 4) have a tight narrative tension, and 5) have a payoff at the end. There is no fee or cost to submit a story. Open to writers, newlyweds and divorcees of any level.

Writers will be paid $100 and four contributor copies upon publication if their story is selected for publication.

Book Description
Wedding’s Greatest Misadventures presents thirty true stories which cover the spectrum from comical to horrifying to downright bizarre. In these pages newlyweds suffer like you have never imagined. Entertain yourself vicariously through the first hand stories of other couple’s wedding day disasters, meltdowns, incidents, pranks and out-of-control inlaws and exs. These stories bring to life the joy, horror and total random weirdness that can befall a perfectly planned wedding.